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Smart Connect Upgrade Failed

sueconrod asked 10 years ago
Okay, this is the one product that I love and love to hate.  I love what the product does when it works, but anytime I have to upgrade all I do is cringe.  Of course, doing the upgrade on a test box but already spent 2 days on this.  Ran into issues with the SmartConnect PW which I have been able to resolve.  Created the GP cache.  Now on the upgrade step it comes up with all my databases, but the minute I hit process I get the following:

SmartConnect Upgrade Failed:  Could not save record

Go to Event viewer and get the following:

not-null property references a null or transient valueeOne.SmartConnect.Engine.Setup.SiteName

Anybody have any clues?
Best Answer
Ruaan Jonker answered 10 years ago

The eOne.SmartConnect.Upgrade.exe should only be run if you upgrading from the very old

If you upgrade from any of the later versions (where the SmartConnect UI does not sit inside of Great Plains), you only need to install the new version, launch SmartConnect and run sysytem maintenance.

Ruaan replied 10 years ago

I've done the upgrade, i don't need to run the Upgrade.exe. but now when i try to save any map, i get the error "Could not save map".

Do you have any ideas what i'm missing here?


Chris answered 10 years ago
That could be from one of the connector setups not being up to date. If you check you connector setup and modify it, make sure to run system maintenance afterwards to apply the changes.

If you are still dealing with the issue, this would probably be handled better by our support team ( since they can stream in with you and figure out what the issue is a bit quicker.


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