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Smart Connect upgrade and move

Irene Boyce asked 8 years ago
I'm currently doing a test upgrade for one of our clients who is currently on SC20.13.0.49.  The are upgrading to SC20.14.0.22.   I've copied the SmartConnect  SC20.13.0.49 database to the new server.  Is it possible to do the upgrade on the new server and if so, does anybody have instructions on how to do this and key points on anything additional that I need to do to get it to work on the new server in the new version?  I'm reading through the SmartConnect 2014.pdf and am a little confused so any hints and pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago

Here are the steps I would follow since you have already copied the SmartConnect database to the new server.

Install SmartConnect on the new server. When you launch it will upgrade the database to the new version. Then follow the instructions in this link to update the tenants for the new SQL Server.

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