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Smart connect service will not remain running

Julie asked 6 years ago
we are having an issue where the smart connect service will remain running for several hours and at random times it appears to freeze. Our scheduled jobs stop running and when we try to stop and start the Windows service we get an error that it cannot be stopped. We have to go into task manager and kill the service from there. It will then start normally again. After several hours again it freezes. Any suggestions?
Jason replied 6 years ago

We are experiencing the exact same issue. You described it to a T. For us the running time frame is not consistent. The service in Service Manager shows as running and the process is in the Task Scheduler but no jobs process. Stopping the service like you mentioned states the service did not respond within the allotted time so you must go into the Task Scheduler and kill the process in order to allow you to start the service again. After the service is started, jobs process, things function well for a number of hours like you mentioned and then the cycle repeats. We are running Server 2012R2 with the latest version of SmartConnect.

Joe Powers replied 6 years ago

Same EXACT problem here. Randomly stops running scheduled maps. Cant restart w/o killing process.

Mark Anderson Staff answered 6 years ago
Follow this steps in this link to set up a process to automatically stop and restart the windows service. We are working on a solution for this, so this is a work around until that is resolved.
Mike White answered 5 years ago
This is still an issue for us using SmartConnect It was one of the primary reasons for upgrading the SmartConnect version. It would be nice to have a scheduling service we could count on to remaining in place past a couple of weeks.
Phil replied 5 years ago


We struggled with the memory leaks for a long while and they do seem to be resolved in version Memory usage used to grow to 1GB within a week and now it seems stable just over 100 MB. My weekly task of restarting the windows service is no longer necessary.

Arthur Achilleos replied 5 years ago

We have the exact same issue, appears running but nothing is actually run.

Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 4 years ago


Your issue is not related to the memory leak fixed in The leak would cause the service to crash and it would not be running or appear to be running. I recommend you reach out to and provide additional details about your issue.

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