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Smart Connect Service Account

sueconrod asked 8 years ago
Just had to install Smart Connect client to a new terminal Server.  We are on GP2010 R2 using Smart Connect Version  Went in and re-started eConnect 11  which it did perfectly and went to restart eoneSmartConnectService and the user and pw are correct and it fails.  Which means that when we go to Smart Connect we get an error:  Could not log into sql.  I suspect that the profile for the service account may be corrupted which would mean having to create a new service account.  If I have to do that will this interfere with anything else?
Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago

If you are trying to log into SmartConnect and getting "Could Not Log Into SQL" means the wrong SmartConnect User Password was set for this instance of the SmartConnect install. 

The service account is independent of logging into the SmartConnect User interface.


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