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smart connect mapping

danielseguin asked 10 years ago
i am creating a payable transaction mapping
i have added the two mapping : 
create / update vendor
create payable transaction

put al required fields

i have filled in everything else

shen i save i get the error

you must map at least one node before saving mapping

It would give this error if i did not enter any mapping

but i did

please help?

note::  i tried importing a mapping from another site and the import failed.

kevin replied 10 years ago

Hi Daniel,

When you say you added a payable transaction mapping and a create / update vendor mapping, what exactly do you mean?

Did you double click on the 'payable transaction' or 'create / update vendor' line in the map screen, and then select the mappings on the node mapping screen?

The message you are getting means that SmartConnect thinks there are no lines with source information mapped to destination information in your map.



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