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Smart Connect Folder Questions

Cindy Ventura asked 9 years ago
We purchased and started using SmartConnect when we upgraded to GP2013 SP2 earlier this year. We had our partner create three integrations for us (AP, GL, and RM). All three are Bulk Data integrations using a folder source. They are all three set up using the scheduler to look at the Inbound folder every one minute (with three integrations, that would be once every three minutes for each–wish it could be faster). Our partner put in a bat file that preprocesses our integration files to make sure all the fields are the right format. According to the tasks, if the integration is a success, the file is moved into the Success folder with a date time stamp. If the integration fails, the file is moved into the Failed folder with a date time stamp and an email is sent to a group email account designated for SmartConnect integrations. For the most part, this process works well. However, there are two weird things that happen that I cannot explain. 1) Sometimes the integrations just sit in the Inbound folder. We have IT check to make sure the service is running and we check to make sure there is no activity on the map that is stopping it. 2) Sometimes the integration is moved from the Inbound folder to the root folder. It doesn’t run. If we delete it and put the same file back in the Inbound folder sometimes it works, sometimes it just moves the file again. Then when you get the file to process you have to be on the lookout because your journal, invoice, etc. can be in GP 3 to 6 times. There is no common feature to the files that end up in either of the above two situations. The same file (different day) can process just fine and then be in one of those two situations on another day. Has anyone ever seen any of the above happening or have any ideas of other things to look for when trouble shooting? Also, there are many log and error files in SmartConnect. Should those be cleaned out periodically? If so, how long should we keep them and is there an automatic way to do any cleaning out? Thank you in advance for any assistance. Cindy
patrick replied 9 years ago


1. For the folder not being moved, my guess is another process has the file locked somehow. You’d have to run a tool like "Process Monitor" from Sysinternals and have it watch the process. And when the service tries to read the file then look for errors as the process tries to read it.

2. I can’t say that SC would move the file to the ‘root’ folder. it would either ignore it (see #1), move it to fail, or move it to success.

so if you have a file moving to the ‘root’ folder, then i’d check your Before Map tasks and see if you have something that does it.

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