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SLQ View Window

Shane LaBarge asked 5 years ago
I need an SQL View window added to Extender. This is how it work. � 1. For \”Extra Windows\” on Forms and \”Windows\” add a window type called \”SQL View Window\”.  This is a new window type.2. Like the SQL Preview Button, make a window that displays data similarly. See: Extender – Views – Open – Preview, for an example.3. For the new window, allow a user to select an existing Extender View (which is the SQL syntax your going to use just like the Preview button)4. For the new window, allow a user to select filter restrictions for the Extender View used fields on your main window. That way, I can press a button and see an listing of data related to the Form record I am working with. Also, make sure you roll it out for GP2013 R2 so I can use it before we get around to upgrading. 
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
We will take this under advisement for a feature release in Extender.  From reading your request, it sounds like you want something similar to SmartList built into Extender.  If you would like this functionality right now, you can use SmartList Builder to add any Form or Window to a new SmartList so that you can query all the data in any Extender Resource you have created.  SmartList Builder has a table type of Extender Resource built into it to pull in this data.  You can also pull in the SQL Views from Extender by adding them to SmartList Builder using the SQL Table option.
As far as seeing anything in GP 2013 R2, I will be honest and say that it isn’t likely to happen.  When we release new features, they generally go into the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Extender.  This would mean that right now, we are releasing new features into 2016.  When we do release builds, you will see them get release for the two latest releases.  So right now that is 2016 and 2015 R2.  If you were to look at the list of what is included in them, you will see that the new features go into 2016 and the Problem Report Fixes go into both.  We are willing to go back further if needed for a Problem Report that is data damaging and needs to be fixed, but will not generally consider it for a feature.

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