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SLB SQL View no Data on One Company

Brenda Hopkins asked 8 years ago
I have created a sql view for 4 different Data Bases, data from the view shows in SQL Query for all data bases. Data shows in all companies except one. Even logged in as SA the data will not show in smartlist. I have run Grant statement, Security for database is marked in SLB, In SLB when I edit the Smartlist ID I can see the database and the view, GP Task Object is marked. What could the issue be?
Jared replied 8 years ago

Can you enabled the dexsql.log, relaunch GP, and then try accessing your list.  Once you do that send a copy of the dexsql.log to and I'll take a look at it.

Best Answer
Brenda answered 8 years ago
I resolved this by marking the Company option in smartlist builder. thanks

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