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SLB GoTo smartlist where key fields match

Jim asked 3 years ago
Jim answered 3 years ago
Sorry – posted before asking the question.  I’m trying to create a goto from a bank transactions smartlist to a receivables transactions smartlist.  The key fields on the receivables transactions one are customer number, document number and document type.  The key fields on the bank transactions one are cmlinkid, source document number and source document type.  All of these key fields are mapped in slb for the goto.
When using the goto in smartview it comes back with the message – Incorrect syntax near ‘Number’.  In smartlist is just comes back with 0 results. I have confirmed that the transaction I’m testing with is valid and can be successfully returned directly in receivables smartlist.
How can I troubleshot further on this?  Ultimately I’m trying to get to the Cash Receipts Inquiry Zoom window from the bank transactions smartlist.  I tried the built-in View from bank transactions and that works, but only for transactions that are still in the CM Open table.  That view doesn’t work for cm transactions that have been moved to history.

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