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Simple Map fails with nothing showing in SQL trace.

David Jedziniak asked 7 years ago
Here is the error it is throwing:
“Error in defined destination: ‘_COMPINTERID’ is not declared.  It may be inaccessible due to its protection level.”
We are running the IV Transaction line map.
We had a GP Rolling column defined.  In troubleshooting, we totally deleted the rolling column from the map. There are no calculated fields.  The source is a SQL table.
Has anyone seen this?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Based on the name, seems to me that it was a column in your source file.
It is referenced somewhere in your map in code. 
As you have no calculations, it is either a restriction on one of your map lines or (based on the name) in the “Companies” window, you have code under the “Define” button.
Actually based on the error message “Error in defined destination” tells us the this IS a script that is setting the company destination based on the column _COMPINTERID.  
This is either a typo or else was a column that you had an removed at one point.
 Look at the Company | Define code and you’ll find it there to either fix or remove the code.
David Jedziniak replied 7 years ago

Thanks, that was it.

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