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Setting Up E-Mailing of Reports asked 9 years ago
I've read about how SmartPost can e-mail posting reports.  I have, also, read that a user account needs to be logged on to a machine with a GP user account logged in to GP all of the time.  The documents state that this machine can be a server.  My concern, then, is with this automated e-mailing of posting reports.  Would Outlook need to be installed and configured on the server where the GP "user" would be logged in to?  In other words, how would e-mailing be set up on the server that is going to be logged into GP all of the time, in order for SmartPost e-mailing to work?
Lorren replied 9 years ago


Smart Post uses the .NET Framework for sending out emails so Outlook is not required.  There is a setup window where you enter the mail settings.

The biggest piece is that the email server is able to accept mail from the machine running Smart Post and the user assigned is a valid user/login to the mail server.


johnellis replied 9 years ago

Thanks, Lorren!  I can't see a spot to click "Answer" to confirm what you said is right.  Can you do that, so that this article confirms your answer?     John

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