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Setting the CreatedBy field in CRM 2015

Mike McG asked 8 years ago
Normally, when importing records to Dynamics CRM, you can populate the CreatedBy and CreatedOn fields.  In SmartConnect, the CreatedOn can be overridden using the “Record Created On” value, but no matter how I set the CreatedBy or CreatedBy (Delegate), the records shows up in CRM as the map’s destination user.  I have tried using the Entity Lookup and the Entity Reference, but it never works, and the GUIDs of the users do match.

I also tried using the CRM App Pool account for the import, which with most tools will allow you to import records as the built-in CRM “SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR” account, but when I tried it in SmartConnect, the Organization list was blank (but no errors).

Any help/guidance on setting CreatedBy correctly would be greatly appreciated!
Lorren Zemke answered 8 years ago
This is something that will be updated in our 20.15 release of SmartConnect so you can set the CreatedBy and ModifiedBy users on a CRM record.

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