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Set owner of record in CRM from GP

Joseph Markovich asked 6 years ago
Is there some way to have SmartConnect read information from the Connection entity so it can populate the owner field for a transaction? Our CRM is set up where the customer records are owned by a Team and the primary person handling the customer enters themselves as a connection with the “Account Manager” role. I need SmartConnect to look that information up in my map (for example: when syncing new orders from GP to CRM) and then populate the owner field. Is this possible?
Thank you.
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi Joseph,
I don’t see any reason why that shouldn’t work. The approach you take would depend how your data is organized in your source. If the owner in GP is the “primary person”, then I would suggest using a calculated field that would search your CRM database to find the team that the owner is associated with and return that value as the Owner.
Another option, which might not be as easy to maintain, is to use a translation table to take the owner from GP, and translate it to the appropriate team.

Joseph Markovich answered 6 years ago
Hi Ethan-
Thanks for the insight. All of the information about the owners of the customers is in CRM — nothing is in GP. Is there a way to look up the information in CRM from the Connections entity in a map that is synchronizing data from GP to CRM?
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi Joe,

You could accomplish this by using a Multi Data Source. Make one source GP and one CRM.
Then you would be able to lookup the appropriate connection based on the account or whatever entity holds the owner.
Below is a link to a brief explanation on how Multi Data Sources work.
The whole process is hard to describe without the use of pictures, so if you would like a more detailed explanation you can email

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