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Set batch date on imported transactions

Jim asked 5 years ago
Some of the external systems that we import payables and receivables transactions from allow backdating.  We want to capture whatever date being sent as the transaction date on the resulting payables or receivables transaction in GP.  But in doing that the batch date is being set to a past date as well, which can be a problem since we close the modules in GP each month.  Is there a way to affect the batch date that is used for imported transactions?
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 5 years ago
Since the date field is not available for the batch, you could use either a SQL Command Task or Script Task to update the SY00500 table. If all documents go to the same batch, you could create the task on Map Success or if they are different for different documents then use a Document Success Task. Depending on the source of the batch number you may want to put it into a User Defined Global Variable to use it in that task.

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