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Service Order Lookup

Michael asked 10 years ago
I would like to put a Service Order Lookup on the Sales Transaction Entry Screen (STES) in order to associate a Sales Order with a Service Order.  Also, I'd prefer to not customize, i.e., I'd prefer to use eXtender rather than Modifier or Dexterity.  The best I've been able to do using eXtender is to put the lookup under Additional and then use a hotkey to launch it from the STES.  I would prefer to put the lookup directly on the STES rather than under Additional.  Is this possible with eXtender?
Nicole Albertson replied 10 years ago

Extender doesn't have the ability to add fields to the Microsoft Dynamics GP windows.  It can only add the Additional Widnow to it.  You can use a HotKey or set the auto open function to open the window without having to use the menus.

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