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Serial Tracking

Jenn asked 9 years ago
Hi Everyone …. I keep getting an error "More serials already allocated than QUANTITY to allocate in sopline" QUANTITY I beleive is MySQL lookup. Essentially I am trying to assign Serial numbers to my fulfillment order line (which have a quantity greater than 1). I am struggling with the quantity fields and what GP field maps to which Smart Connect Column I suspect. Thanks so much for any help.
Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
A lot of times when mapping a line node along with another node (serials in this case) you will need to bring a line item sequence to both nodes to make sure that eConnect relates them together correctly.

This sequence can either be in the file or you can generate it in the mapping using calculated fields and global variables and map it to the line item sequence field in both the nodes.

There can be quite a bit to it so this one might be better served contacting support ( directly so we can work with you if you still have questions.


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