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Serial Numbers in GP

Alberto asked 8 years ago
I am trying to perform a SOP Transaction Mapping, so I am receiving an error like this:
taSopSerial = The Item Number is not set up tp track Serial Numbers
I understand that I have to change the ITMTRKOP to 2 or 3 on this table:  IV00101. So I would like to know if there is anyway to put the serial?
Lorren Zemke answered 8 years ago
You would need to talk to a Dynamics GP Partner to determine if you can just change the underlying table to allow your inventory item to track lots or serial numbers.
If you do have an item that needs to track Serial or Lot Numbers within a SOP document there is a Assign Serial Number and Assign Log Number nodes that let you specify those values for each SOP line. You will need to have the SOP Line Number as part of your file to make sure the Serial and Lot Numbers are assigned correctly

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