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Sequence Contains no elements

Davel asked 9 years ago
Hi All,

I have created a new map for payables transactions in to GP and recieved the above error message when running it!!!! I  have searched around the map set up but have been unable to find the problem.

I am not sure if i should be checking the settings for these erros but would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance
Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
That error is normally causing by the Rolling Column when it is trying to get the next number from GP. 

You will want to make sure your GP Connector is setup and using a sql account to connect as – since that is the user it tries to pul the next number as. If that is set up you can open the event viewer and look for entries that correspond to the failure in the interface, there should be multiple entries and each will have different messages on them.

Based on the errors in the event veiwer you should be able to see whether its security, GP setup, or something else causing it to fail.

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