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Security to delete map (but still preview file)

Michael asked 2 years ago
Is there any way to set security on smartconnect so a user can open the smartconnect map and preview the data or even potentially choose a new data source (an excel file) but not be able to delete a map
I have a couple users who like to be able to build their own spreadsheets and import from them, but they also somehow manage to keep deleting the smart connect map itself 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
No – if your user has permissions to open up the map then they can change the map including delete it.  So hopefully you keep a backup or an export of the map so that you can re-import it when necessary.
Two solutions to your issue:
1. Use a Folder Data Source vs specific excel file
If you use a folder data source, your user would just drop the file into that folder.  And then have the map run on a schedule – or else just give “run map” access to the map.  Now they can run it but now open/edit/delete the map
2. use the SmartConnect Excel Addin and SmartConnect web services
With the addin, you press the “Run map” button while inside of Excel itself.  This sends the data to the web service which executes the map using that specific data.  Now the user doesn’t need “edit” access to the map either and you don’t have to drop the file into a folder to execute from the SmartConnect UI (or scheduler)

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