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SDLC with SmartConnect

Eugene asked 5 years ago
we have been using SmartConnect with Dynamics GP for 1 yr+ now and we have one installation of SmartConnect which we used for both development/testing and as live environment. I.e. typical dev process was as follows:
1) create map pointing to our Dev/Test map source and destination GP company, test it 
2) clone the map and repoint cloned map to our live GP company
We’ve been maintaining naming convention for our dev/test vs live maps, all SmartConnect dev was done by one-two people who could easily coordinate with each other and it was fine for them to have access to live environment.
Now, as we are considering to scale our development and have more developers (with no access to live environment) involved in creating and testing maps that can be deployed later to our live environment, we are facing a challenge on two fronts:
1) Is there development/test license for the product we can use for second SmartConnect install which will be used strictly for development purposes
2) If there is a map created on one instance of SmartConnect – how can be save and re-deploy it on another (live environment) instance of SmartConnect
Having these two answers is criticial for ability to scale use of SmartConnect in the organization.
Thank you
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
1. You don’t need an extra license (although i’m sure we’d sell you one).  You are allowed 3 separate instances (databases) of SmartConnect per license.

2. You can use the Setup | Import Wizard and Setup | Export wizard to import & export your maps from one instance to another (can’t do this if on trial version)
Eugene answered 5 years ago
Thank you Patrick! This is good.
Could you also advise re Extender licensing for development purposes?

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