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Schema.ini for csv file

Marie asked 7 years ago
I’m having a problem to integrate an SOP Invoice.
When I run the SOP Integration manually, it works.
When I use <Folder Data Source>, it works but if the Customer ID has more than 15 digit, it transforms it in Scientific format and does not integrate this invoice.
The Customer ID is all numbers. What can I do ?
It tried to modify the schema.ini file, but steel the same error :
Col1=”Customer ID” Text
Col2=”Customer Name” Text
Col3=”Doc No” Text
Col4=”DocType” Integer
Col5=”Type ID” Text
Col6=”ShipTo Addr” Text
Col7=”Date” DateTime
Col8=”Currency” Text
Col9=”SubTotal” Double
Col10=”TaxAmount” Double
Col11=”Total” Double
Col12=”Item Number” Text
Col13=”Qty” Integer
Col14=”Price Level” Text
Col15=”Site” Text
Col16=”UofM” Text

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