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Schema file must be re-created in destination environment

Elena Zapata asked 7 years ago
I have a map in my development environment that is Folder Data Source. Of course I created the template and schema ini files.
When we import this map in the client environment, I was expecting that we only needed to copy the template and the schema ini created in my DEV environment in the right folders. I copied the .ini in the Source Folder and the folder where template file is. Then, we ran the map and it says “no data was returned from data source”. Why did not work if there were several files in the Source folder?.
It only worked when we created the schema file again by clicking on “Create Schema File”. Why? What about if the file has like 30 columns? It is tedious to have to create .ini for each new environment where you import your map. why schema ini must be created in the destination environment? 

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