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Scheduling map stuck

Russell Nash asked 2 years ago
I been trying to set a daily run schedule and for some reason it’s not allowing me to.    It says gui is not responding and stops when I hit save schedule.. any tips on getting this saved ?
Mick answered 2 years ago
Depending on which version of Smartconnect, there was an issue wiht the Schedule Time not being earlier than the current time.
To overcome, I chnage the current computer time to be fore the Schdule Time, and then chnage my copter time back again.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Mick is correct – this is an older bug in the Schedule window if the current time is earlier than the time you enter as the schedule time, the window will hang when you save.
The workaround is to switch the computer time as he suggests, set the schedule, and then switch it back.
Or better, upgrade to the latest SC 2018 version where it is fixed.

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