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Scheduler asked 10 years ago

Let's say, for SmartConnect 2012, the Windows Service was only installed on the SQL server.

Further, let's say that the Windows Service was not installed on the workstation even though SmartConnect itself was installed on the workstation.

Can the workstation still create and run Scheduler for a SmartConnect map, or would that have to be done on the SQL server where the Windows Service was installed?


Best Answer
Ruaan Jonker answered 10 years ago
Hi John

You can install only the scheduler on any machine and it will pick up all maps that has been scheduled from anywhere and run them.

The scheduler and UI run of the same SmartConnect database, so when you set a map up to be scheduled from any machine, the scheduler will pick up that map and run it.

So in short, you don't have to create the schedules in the machine the scheduling service is running.

johnelli replied 10 years ago

Thanks, Ruann!     John

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