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Scheduled SmartList

Terry Horn asked 9 years ago
Is there a way to pass paramaters to a SmartList to run at a scheduled time? For example, I would like to I would like to pass parameter filters to a SmartList and have it run at a specific time of day.
Jared replied 9 years ago

You would need to use a GP Macro and then use Windows Scheduler to run it at your specified time.  What is the reason you would want to schedule SmartList to run?  I'm asking to determine if there may be a better solution available. 

Terry Horn replied 9 years ago

We are trying to capture the state of customer accounts at a specific time. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. 

Jared replied 9 years ago

If you have Excel Report Builder you could create a view and schedule it to export to a text file with SQL.  Using SmartList from Microsoft you would need to use a scheduled macro in GP.  You could conatct Microsoft for help or search yourself online.  I did see several GP blogs online with information regarding scheduling macros.

Terry Horn replied 9 years ago

We do have Excel Report Builder.  I like this idea.  Can you point me to some online materials that will tell me how to do this?

Thank you for your help.

Jared replied 9 years ago

If you look in the Excel Report Builder section of the SmartList Builder manual it will explain how to setup an excel report which will create the view you would need.  This is available on our site in the SmartList Builder downloads.  If you are just using one of that standard lists that came with SmartList there is already a view created and you wouldn't need to create another view with Excel Report Builder.  An option that could be looked into using Excel Report Builder is actually using the Excel report and scheduling that to open.  This option would eliminate any SQL and need of GP.  You basically would need to create the Excel report and schedule it to open at your desired time.  It would load the current data from your database when opened. 

If you choose to go the SQL view route I would look at to get started with exporting to a file and scheduling.

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