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Scheduled Maps Not Completing

Tom asked 4 years ago
I have two different “chains” of scheduled maps.  On chain is scheduled to run every hour at xx:15.  It typically runs for 5 – 10 minutes or so in order to import AR Cash Receipts to 6 of my Dynamics GP Companies.
The other chain run every 6 hours starting at 2:15 AM and applies those cash receipts (if posted) to AR Invoices.
Currently each map starts at the proper time, but does not complete.  I know that the map is starting because when I try to open the first map in the chain I get the “…is being edited by another user” error message.
If I clear the map activity and start the first map in the chain manually, the entire chain run to completion.
So, in summary… chain of multiple maps runs “perfectly” when started manually but hangs up when running on a schedule.  Does anyone have any ideas for how to troubleshoot this or what might be happening?
This may have started when I change the sa password on my Dynamics GP server a few days ago, but I don’t remember the exact timing.
Tried so far:
– restarted the eOne SmartConnect Service
– restarted the workstation on which the map and scheduling service run
Basic Info
SmartConnect Version:
Dynamic GP Version:  14.00.0898  (i.e. GP 2015 R2)
Dexterity Version:  14.00.0085
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 4 years ago


We have implemented numerous improvements to the scheduler since I would first try performing an upgrade and see if that corrects the issue. If it does not, I encourage you to reach out to our support team at

Joseph Markovich answered 4 years ago
We had the EXACT same issue with the 2016 version and once we upgraded to 2018 all of the scheduler issues went away.

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