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Scheduled Map Time Zone Differences Between SQL Server and SmartConnect Service

Darren asked 4 years ago
Darren replied 4 years ago

The request is specific to SmartConnect environments where the local machine time for the SQL Server is different than the local machine time for the App server (or workstation) from which a map is scheduled. Today SmartConnect looks to the SQL Server time to determine when to run a scheduled map. For example, assume the App server’s time is 2:00pm Eastern, the SQL Server’s time is 1:00pm Central and the map is scheduled to run at 2:00pm. The map will not run at 2:00pm Eastern; it will run at 2:00pm Central / 3:00pm Eastern. The most confusing part is a user who looks at the map’s schedule will see 2:00pm configured as its starting time. Another potential side-effect that may occur when the schedule is first created is a user watching at 2:00pm Eastern to confirm the schedule is running may conclude there is a problem because the map will not run until 3:00pm Eastern.

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