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Schedule task; waiting for file

Russell Nash asked 2 years ago
Im not using the folder monitoring piece yet.    Basically I run a folder import waiting for a file that comes between 8am and 10am.   So the map will run multiple times during the period.   It’ll continue running after a file is imported,  is there anyway to stop it once a file has been imported ?
Im pretty sure the file monitoring method would only run when theres a file but due to version issue, we’ll have to wait till we upgrade to turn that on
Thanks for any help
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
No, there really isn’t a way to do this.
In your case, since you expect the file to be there between 8am & 10am, then your map should be scheduled to run for those same start/end times.  or perhaps 7:55am to 10:05am just in case.
And as you note, if the file comes in at 8:12 and the map runs and processes it at 8:15 – then YES the map would run until 10am and then stop running.  So yes the map execution would be wasted since you don’t expect another file – but since the map run should just take a few seconds to run and find there is no source it isn’t really hurting anything.
But I suppose if we really didn’t want the map running after it processed the one file you could:
1. Use an ‘after map’ task, and update the ScheduleMaster.Active = 0 for the map
Because now that the schedule is no longer active, it won’t run again after processing.
I tested that and it worked great for me.
Now of course your issue is the schedule is no longer active – meaning it won’t run again Tomorrow!
So the only way to resolve that would be to re-enable the schedule either manually – or else probably make a different map (or better yet, a SQL job) to run at 7:55am which would re-enable the Active flag on that schedule
Russell Nash answered 2 years ago
Thank you so much..  Ill try out the flag.. 
Russell Nash answered 2 years ago
so this works perfectly except for when I turn the Schedule Active back on.   ie  I set a sql job to turn it on at 10:01am. It started to run the map even though it was set for 8AM till 10AM.   So last week I moved the sql update job to 10:45am.  The Map started to run at 10:45am.  Not sure why its running.  Im moving it to 8pm at night.   weird…

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