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Schedule map not running

Mike Tsai asked 2 years ago
I added 2 new maps and schedule them to run.   It past the schedule time and did not run.   I modify the time and tried again.   I see it in the schedule run window in console but did not run.  
Existing schedule map seem to be running so not sure why the new ones are not running on schedule.    I verify the user I am log in as is the same that runs the other maps that are working. 
I have found articles to check the component service and I check for the COM+ app for econnect 10 but did not find that.    Any other things to check
Lorren Zemke Staff replied 2 years ago

Mike, If the schedule does not run, I would check to make sure there are no errors being thrown by the scheduler by checking the SmartConnect Event Log on the machine where the eOne Windows Service is running. Beyond that you would need to submit a ticket to the support team to have them log on and take a look.

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