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Schedule Map in 'Test' Smartconnect

Brandon asked 3 years ago
We currently have a maps setup in the ‘test’ aspect of Smartconnect.  (Smartconnect configuration – test).  With those maps, we cannot get a schedule to run.  No error, just not run at all.  The eone smartconnect service is installed.  
When I look at the database for ‘test’, at the table ScheduleMaster, I can see my map in there, but it’s lastrundatetime is 1900-01-01, last run success is 0.  And it is set to active.
I read in this article – that every minute the windows service checks to see if the next run date/time has expired. 
Could the windows service only be looking at the ‘Production’ smartconnect database, and not the ‘test’?  If so, how would I change it?
Thank you.

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