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SC Map – Unable to clear/delete extender values via Map

Henry Marambio asked 7 years ago
SC Version:  20.14.25   GP: 2013
I have a SC map that has some odd behavior.  Ultimately my goal is to simply update extender values for several of the “LIST” or “LOOKUP”  fields back to BLANK/EMPTY/NULL.

  • The map and associated module works 100% fine when fields I am updating or adding values that are within the associated LIST or LOOKUP window

  • What does not work is when I want to simple clear or blank out the value in one of these specific field that is setup as a LIST or LOOKUP type.

  • From within GP by default a LIST field is typically BLANK/EMPTY once a LIST field has an assigned value I am unable to clear this LIST field value via GP interface 

  • SmartConnect Map acts the same way I am able to add/update an associated value that is in the LIST without issue but unable to return the field to BLANK/EMPTY

  • I am having the same issue with LOOKUP fields via SC, but from within GP I am able to use the interface to change the assigned value for this LOOKUP field back to BLANK/EMPTY

I have tried all the various combinations of turining on  UPDATE EXISTING  UPDATE BLANK DATA along with other parameters/settings within my SC mapping
I have tried creating calculated fields and few other things with no success.
Does anyone out in eOne Forum Town have any thoughts on the matter or useful help/advice.  I find it hard to believe that I am the only person having this issue with SC – hoping I have overlooked something in the setup/config

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