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SC Install Error

Teesah asked 9 years ago
Hi All After a password change (for the installer account) SC is not working for us. A reinstall has ‘worked’ but it won’t run a map. We have seen the following two errors: 1) The install error log shows: Error: Microsoft Dynamics Gp- An error occurred while Re-Registering ‘Real Time Event’ ‘Update’ for ‘Connector ‘SmartConnect Dynamics GP Connector”: Invalid object name ‘SC9400’. 2) The following is recorded in Event Viewer (system) DCOM got error “1326” and was unable to logon DOMAINuser in order to run the server: {6CC3B376-F3D3-4519-9E3C-192B948B3B19}
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

The first error means the Dynamics GP table Cache has not been created yet.  You will need to log into Dynamics GP.  Go to tools->smart connect->process.  Click the Process button to reload the table cache information.

For the second error, it sounds like the user assigned to the eConnect service is incorrect or does not have access to SQL Server.  The COM+ service can be found in Component Services.  Here is a KB article on changing the user for the COM+ service.

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