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SC Excel Template “The Request Body Could Not Be Deserialized”

dcatchpole asked 8 years ago
I'm trying to build a SmartConnect Excel Template to make it easier for users to create new Prospects and Customers in GP 2010 without using an active GP seat. I've created a new Excel Template through the SmartConnect wizard. The connection validates in Excel 2013 (I have the 32 bit version installed on the client) but when the Submit button is pressed, an Excel Error Dialog appears:

"Map run failed. The request body could not be deserialized. Please check the formatting of your request body."

Chris Dew replied 8 years ago

It appears that what is being sent as XML isn't formatted correctly. Can you please send the export of the map in SmartConnect and also the Excel file you have formatted. The problem area may be in the hidden Sheet2 pulling the wrong values after you reformatted the main sheet.


Best Answer
dcatchpole answered 8 years ago
Hi Chris,

I was able to get it working after realizing that the Excel 'form' created by the template had all cells set to 'General'

When entering the phone numbers into the form it converted them to scientific notation on Sheet2. Once I changed the formatting in the 'form' for the phone numbers it imported without issue.


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