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SC 2016 installation SQL ERROR

Mat Buser asked 7 years ago
Greetings all, 
Environment: GP 2016, SQL 2014
Installing eOne Smart Connect 2016 fails on the following status: Executing install SQL scripts
{SQL_ERROR}:{SQL_STATE: 42000} Incorrect syntax near ‘-‘.
GP is a basic installation with TWO (FABRIKAM). Feels like the installation media of SC 2016 is not fully functionally. 
What can I do to fix this? 
Thanks and regards, 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
“Fully functional” in software doesn’t exist in anything complex. 
We would like to think our projects (fixing a car, cleaning out the garage, writing an application) would be – but it isn’t going to be in most situations due to the infinite number of variables.
In your case it does look like there is a SQL issue of some sort during the install piece – but we also have had a lot of customers upgrade/install SC 2016 without issue.  So there is something specific that you are running into that is a bit more unique that the other customers.
Now it is interesting that this appears to be a SQL error because the SmartConnect install itself doesn’t really do much SQL.
It creates the user you specify and creates the database that you specify during the install portion.  Other than that, unless things are different on the SC 2016 install that I’m unaware of – that is about it that the SC install does.  The application itself creates and populates the tables etc.
So the first thing I would probably do is turn on the SQL Profiler during the install.
Make sure to turn on the User Error and Warnings message so you can see the error in the log.  And then see the statement being generated that is failing.
we’d have to know what that is that is failing and go from there.

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