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Sample or help on SmartConnect function syntax

Leh asked 6 years ago
Leh replied 6 years ago

Sorry, I posted without actually keying in any details.

I am trying to pull the filename as the Batch ID in my maps and came across a script function aptly named filename. Checking the Help file and manual the function is meant to return the name of the specified file. I just thought the function would just be pretty straightforward but it seems to me that I have to use a variable to make it work.

Is there any available reference or additional information (e.g. syntax, etc.) for the listed Script Functions?

Thank you.

Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
If you have the list of functions open and click on one and hover over it, SC will give you:
Description: quick description of function
Parameters: the list and datatype of the params
Returns: name of return as well as datatype

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