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Salesforce-GP integration

Mario asked 6 years ago
Hi there,
I’m hoping someone can give me some direction on an SF-GP integration I’m working on.
I have create a schedule map which pulls sales order from SF (salesforce) and pushes them into GP. It works great, but I want to extend this to be able to enter the tax amount (which is also available in SF) as well as allocate and fulfill at the same time (I have lot# and SN coming from SF too).
I am not certain which of the tables from the Sales Orders node would be necessary.
Thank you  
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
you can allocate and fulfill a sop document on the ‘add sales line’.  I believe it actually does this by default.
you can map the tax amounts on the ‘add line item’ and ‘create transaction’ node.
you also have to map to the ‘add tax line’ node because if you have a $5 tax amount on the line then you need a $5 tax line as well to match (or else you’ll get an error on validation)
Mario replied 6 years ago

Thanks Patrick, this is great help.

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