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COMMUNITY FORUM SOQL statement with Variable

Damion Allen asked 7 years ago
I\’m working with the Salesforce connector and have a process of pulling Account data through the use of a Real Time connector. Along with the accounts, i need to pull Contacts related to that account as a Follow-up Task. I\’ve populated a global variable with the account ID and attempted to use that in the query and recieving errors in doing so:\”Bind Variables only allowed in APEX\” 
I understand that APEX allows for bind variables but I was under the understanding that the tool would replace the global variable before sending the query to SFDC. If not, how would this be accomplished?
Damion Allen replied 7 years ago

After much trial and error I attempted to put the Global variable in quotes. I still ran into issue but ended up speaking to support where they stated that in passing the variable, I needed to set the GlobalVar = GlobalVar in the “Tasks that run if Map Succeeds” area prior to calling the above contact mapping.

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