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Salesforce change data source asked 9 years ago

When disbling a SalesForce Change data Source i am getting the following error:

"Failed to delete change table triggers : failed to delete insert trigger: Failed to delete update trigger: "

The reason i am trying to disable it is because i received the following error:

eOneCh_01_CUSTS_UPDATE_ONLY_tr_U : Apex trigger eOneCh_01_CUSTS_UPDATE_ONLY_tr_U caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: eOneCh_01_CUSTS_UPDATE_ONLY_tr_U: System.LimitExcepti…

System.LimitException: Too many DML statements: 151

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

kevin replied 9 years ago

Generally the only reason you wouldnt be able to delete the change triggers is due to security. Does the user you are using to connect to SalesForce have the security to delete apex triggers within SalesForce.
To remove the triggers manually:
1. Log into SalesForce
2. Click your name at the top right of the screen then select setup
3. Under the App Setup menu on the left, expand the develop tree then select apex triggers.
4. Select the delete option next to the triggers you want to remove.
5. Log back into SmartConnect, open the 01_CUSTS_UPDATE_ONLY map and deselect the Enabled option
6. Save the map. You may get an error saying that SmartConnect cannot find the trigger to delete. Ignore the error as you have already deleted the triggers.
7. Save the map (or delete) as required.

If required the change table can also be removed. The change table can be found under App Settings / Create / Objects

I will send you a separate email about the initial error you received.



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