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Salesforce Bulk API

Mathieu asked 5 years ago
I was wondering if there is an option to use the Salesforce Bulk API as a destination for integration project in SmarConnect.  I currently have to update 40k Accounts with a balance on a daily basis and the map takes a lot of api request to update them one by one. 
I tried to change the Destination from Salesforce to Salesforce Bulk but with no luck. The behavior seems different but it’s not creating a Bulk API Job in Salesforce so I don’t think that’s what this feature is for.
Any help on minimizing the number of API calls made to update many accounts on a daily basis would be very helpful.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
The Salesforce Bulk destination is for exactly this – however even a bulk job you’ll see SC call out to the SC API if you have lookups in your map.  Then what you _should_ see is the bulk call out to SF.
However I just tested the same on my SC install and I see 11 records but empty success/fail and the map is “Done”.  So to me is appears that the reason you don’t it working on your install is because it doesn’t seem to actually send the final bulk job like it should be doing.
Looking at the fix list for SmartConnect 2018, I don’t see it listed so it looks to be an outstanding problem in SC at this time.
Assuming so, the only workaround is using the Salesforce destination vs Salesforce bulk.
Mathieu answered 5 years ago
Thank you for looking into this Patrick, much appreciated. I have the same behavior when trying to work with the Bulk destination.
I will work with a Salesforce destination for now. Hopefully you can bring this bug into the backlog for a future release.

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