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Sales transactions with and without taxes

asked 9 months ago


    I built a map to import sales transactions and it uses 3 files : header, distribution and taxes. The only problem that I have concern transactions without taxes. The operational software that produce the output files (header, distribution and taxes) doesn’t create a line at 0$ with an EXEMPT code in the tax file for invoices without tax. There is no line at all in the tax file for invoices without tax. So when I run the map I have the following error message : Procedure or function ‘taRMTransactionTaxInsert’ expects parameter ‘@I_vTAXAMNT’. Is there a way to assign a default value of 0$ for the tax amount when there is no tax record in the tax file for an invoice ?

Patrick Roth Staff answered 1 month ago

Yes, just make a calculation.

In the calculation, check (however you need to) if the value is empty or 0 or whatever.  If it is, your function returns 0 otherwise the tax value.

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