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Sales Transaction SOP Rolling GP Column

Dan Kelley asked 3 years ago
We are importing Sales Orders via Smartconnect and now want to import returns. We are able to get returns to Import by modifying the Sales Import and setting it to Return instead and adding the Quantity to the correct column… but when it comes to the “Document Number”, selecting the GP nextnumber option just adds one to the SOPNUMBE field like another sales order. 
When manually creating a return in GP it auto generates a number like “RETURN00000016632” rather than just the next available SOPNUMBE. 
How can I replicate this behavior in SmartConnect and get the next available return number?
Thank you!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
I would suspect that while you fixed your SOP Type value, you didn’t fix your GP Rolling Column.  There it is still set to “order” and not “return”.

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