Sales – Sales Transaction Entry – Additional – Create Return – eConnect Version of this?

SOP Returns
How do I call Option #2 below as a eConnect/SmartConnect Map?
Why? ORIGNUMB/ORIGTYPE Are not allowed by eConnect for “SOPType = 4” for option #1
Error Number = 181 Stored Procedure taSopHdrIvcInsert Error Description = Originating Order Type and Originating Order Number are not allowed on Returns.
Instead of this process ->
#1 select an SOP Type as Return, select the customer, enter the returned items, verify the quantities and price, etc.

We wish to use this process -> 
#2 Create Return feature that is available in Dynamics GP.  Sales – Sales Transaction Entry – Additional – Create Return
The feature directly links the return to the invoiced purchase that was originally made by the customer and leaves little room for error.  The price/return price are always correct, account distributions are correct, and the item returned is correct.
See this article as a reference


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This is a limitation of the Dynamics GP eConnect process to not allow the Originating Order Number and type on returns. You would need to contact Microsoft to get eConnect to change their process to allow this option. eOne does not control that code, we only use the existing Dynamics GP functionality of eConnect. 
The only solution would be to write a document success task that updates the SOP record with those values, however, there may be other information that may need to be set as well. This is not a guaranteed solution, as Dynamics GP may set other values when you enter that information via the GP client.

David Morinello November 15, 2017 at 11:16am
I am sorry I wasn’t more clear. Yes, I understand that the eConnect SOPTransactionType doesn’t allow Originating Order Number and type on returns.
However there is another option and it follows the steps outlined in #2. The GP screen “Create Return”, with the RMA box unchecked, give me exactly what we need with the ORIGNUMB/ORIGTYPE created when these steps are followed in GP.
It appears to be calling the same functionality as the eConnect transaction type FSRMAType. I am trying to duplicate the #2 steps using the SmartConnect Destination Type “Microsoft Dynamics GP”, Group “Field Services”, and Node Type “RMA”.
Any suggestions on duplicating the data behavior seen in the GP screen “Create Return” with the RMA box unchecked, using the eConnect transaction type FSRMAType would be appreciated.

        <eConnectProcessInfo />
            <taRequesterTrxDisabler />
            <taFSRMALineSerial />
            <taFSRMALine />
        <taFSRMAMaster />

Beat Bucher June 12, 2020 at 3:00pm
Hi @David,
Did you ever managed to get this taFSRMAType eConnect node working ? I’m looking for the exact same situation whereas I need to create returns with customer credits, but actually don’t need the items to be set back into inventory, as they are mostly DOA and destroyed by the customer… 

David Morinello June 15, 2020 at 1:42pm
Hi Beat!
No, sorry! I wish I could help but we dropped this attempt and never did figure a solution. I moved on to other projects and never had the time to dig. If you find something please drop me a note!

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