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Sales Order Node

Abdul asked 7 years ago
We are in the middle of creating a map to update the Sales Order Line Items, once they get picked up in the WMS system. The XML created has the picked Qty and what we are looking to achieve through this map is to update the SOP10200.ATYALLOC, SOP10200.QTYTOINV to what is actually picked.
The issue we are facing is that using Destination Type = “Microsoft Dynamics GP” , Group = “Sales Order Processing” and Node Type = “Sales Orders”.
In the Map section, I have checked all the available Mapping, the fields required SOP10200.ATYALLOC, SOP10200.QTYTOINV are not available in any of the available mappings.
How do we get these fields in the destination columns?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Core Dynamics GP SOP does not have a QTY Picked field.  So that is why you don’t see a destination field for it.
In order to use this in SC you would need to:
1. determine what table in GP will store this information (it might be GP Manufacturing or another 3rd party).
2. Create a stored procedure manually or with eOne Node Builder that contains the business logic to do the insert into the table identified in #1
3. In SC Node Maintenance, add your new stored procedure to the SOP Order Node
4. in your map, you will now see your new node as a destination – map the fields to that.
Abdul replied 7 years ago

Hi Pat,

Thanks for your response, the fields are standard GP fields SOP10200.ATYALLOC (Allocated QTY), SOP10200.QTYTOINV Qty to Invoice) which i need to update through our XML file.
If they are standard fields in GP, assumption is that all the standard fields will appear in the standard node.

Mark Anderson Staff replied 7 years ago

Dynamics GP eConnect has not exposed those fields to be populated. If you look at the eConnect programmers guide for the SOP Lint insert you will see these 2 fields do not exist. This is a limitation of Dynamics GP eConnect, not of SmartConnect, if Dynamics GP eConnect ever add these fields, then SmartConnect would be able to map to them.

Abdul replied 7 years ago

Thanks for the answers, we are looking at having a demo for Node Builder, will that help us in resolving these issues?

Akber Alwani answered 3 years ago
Hi Patrick,
I read your step can you share a screenshot of how to achieve this, I have an XML update to SOP tables and I know I can achieve by running an update query but my additional concern is that since eConnect does not have SOP10200.ATYALLOC (Allocated QTY), SOP10200.QTYTOINV
How the reallocation will be calculated when I reduce the QTYTOINV?

If you share a screenshot that will be appreciated for your steps 1..4
John Austin answered 2 years ago
If you look at the eConnect programmers guide for the SOP Lint insert you will see these 2 fields do not exist. pdf to jpg

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