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Sales Line Inquiry

jdelello asked 10 years ago
I have an Extender Detail Window attached to my sales line items and it is linked using the SOP Number and Line Item Sequence so that the information will transfer from document to document type.  I can't seem to get this window to now work with an inquiry or drilldown. 

I am receiving the following error from the Item Detail Inquiry Zoom:
inout anonymous field io_value; if isopen(form 'SOP_Inquiry_Item_Detail') then io_value = 'SOP Number' of window 'SOP_Entry' of form 'SOP_Inquiry_Item_Detail'; end if;

I have tried using the Sales Item Detail Inquiry Zoom and also the Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom and the Line Scroll window but neither will work.  Is there a trick to this or can not not be done.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Nicole replied 10 years ago

In looking into this, there are a couple of different scenarios.

1.  You cannot link to the Sales Item Detail Inquiry Zoom with the SOP Number and Line Item Sequence.  Those two fields don't work on that window.  That window would need to be something like the Item Number.

2.  With the Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom, this should work.  If you link to that one for the Form and Window with the Line Item Sequence and the SOP Number, does it not work?  Do you get a specific error?

If that doesn't work and you want to look at it further, you will probably want to open a support case to dig into it as some of the windows show work for you.  If you are on the Microsoft Extender release, you can either open the support case with Microsoft or eOne, it is up to you.

jdelello replied 10 years ago

Thanks for your help.  I linked to the Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom form and then the line-scroll window and created an alternate key using line item sequences linked to the item number.  That seemed to do the trick.

Thanks for your help.

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