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Sales Batch Options

David asked 9 years ago
The GP Sales Batch has, under Options, the ability to "Allocate or Fulfill". You can chose one or both and select how "Item Quatity Shortages" and/or "Kit Quantity Shortages" are handled.  Is there any way to get SmartPost to do that? Or maybe have SmartConnect do something at the SQL level before SmartPost runs?
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

SmartPost is designed to post batches and the "Allocate or Fulfill" is part of the SOP transfer process. There wouldn't be a way to make SmartPost do that process.

I will add it as a suggestion
David replied 9 years ago

It is an option on the Batch Post window. Just a thought.

I do appreciate the consideration as a suggestion.

Any idea or suggestions from a SmartConnect tool pov?

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