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sa password changed, where can we add a new user / password

Brenda Hopkins asked 5 years ago
Our SA password was changed.  We would like to use another user if possible.
When I go to  one of our maps and click on Companies Button, I get error that the logged user does not have security access.
we also get this message when running the map.
I have tired everything I can think of.
Beat Bucher replied 5 years ago

Hi Brenda,
I think you have to go under SC Setup > Setup > SmartConnect Setup > MS GP Connector SEtup
in that form you have under settings the SQL user that is used to identify against the GP server and allows for selecting the proper DB’s. If you don’t want to use the ‘sa’ user, chose one that has enough rights to access correctly all the DB’s and also be able to alter SQL objects if triggers needs to be setup.

Brenda replied 5 years ago

Thanks that did it

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