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runtime error -2147217900 invalid column name

Tracy Jo Dance asked 2 years ago
We have an Extender window on the vendor maintenance window that’s set up to store Sunshine Act information for accounts payable vendors. 
None of the fields in the window are required in either the master record Extender window or the transaction Extender window. We have not made any changes to any column names or the look-up lists for any of the Extender windows. 
We do use AA.
We are getting this error in the receivings trx entry window (shipment/invoice):
   Not all required fields have been entered for the window “Sunshine Act entry.”
When we close this window the following error then appears
     Runtime error – 2147217900 (80040e14):
Invalid column name “faculty/speaker accredited “
Why are we getting this error all of the sudden?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Tracy Jo,
I would guess you are using VBA code to implement something like this:
Tech Tuesday: Require Extender Data to be Entered for a Window | eOne Solutions
The premise of the article is that there is nothing in Extender that knows/cares anything about making Extender data required UNLESS you actually open the Extender window and save the data.
So in that article, i use Extender Enterprise coding to do this in the main GP window to query the extender data and verifies it exists.  I would guess with that kind of error, somebody wrote VBA code to do the same thing instead and that VBA code is blowing up for some reason.
You’d have to troubleshoot that VBA code.

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