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Running new map cancelled

rwahlert asked 9 years ago
I've created a new map that will import inventory items into GP.  I'm using an OLEDB data source with a query I have written that pulls data from a separate database.  When I preview the data I see what I would expect to see.

I have the correct company selected and all the fields are mapped.

When I run the map I get the progress window that shows cancelled.  There are no other errors warnings or messages.

Any idea what would cause this? 


Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
A couple things you could check would be to make sure whatever fields you have picked for you key fields have data in them for every row, and another thing you could try is to send the map to GP – File as the destination and see if it will run to file or not.

If it doesn't go to file then the issue is most likely when trying tp pull in the data so you could test it out by switching the data source type over to ODBC and writing the query to it there and seeing if that changes anything.


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