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Running multiple maps

Russell Nash asked 2 years ago
If I have multiple mapping setup ie A, B , C, D
I like to run all of them consecutively where only run B if A completes and C if B completes and so on…  Is that possible, if so what section of the manual can I read on about it.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
Yes, you can use a Run Map task to do this.
So on map A, use an “after map success: Run map task” then to run MapB.  And then on MapB do the same to run MapC, etc
Russell Nash answered 2 years ago
I seem to be having issue with this.  ie   Map A, B, C, D, E
If I run Map A and schedule B C D as Run Map under task.   They seem to work, when I try to add Map E into a Task in Map D upon success, it looks like it does not run when I kick off map A.   Kind of leading me to think I need to schedule Map E in the Map A task run ?   
Also is  there a way to duplicate map runs, ie copy.   I have all the task in 1 map ID, and sometiems I just want to test an import without running the tasks ?  besides setting up a whole new map run.. thanks
russell nash answered 2 years ago
Ignore the second question, i found the duplicate button  lol

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