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Running multiple instances of SmartPost

Jim asked 3 years ago
We currently have 250+ posting routines defined for SmartPost that are scheduled to run throughout the day.  It takes a couple of seconds for each routine to see if any batches match the criteria, so even if there is nothing to post it takes about 15 minutes to cycle through all of the routines.  Of course if there are batches to post then the total cycle time increases based on how many batches are found and how long each takes to post.
We have a dedicated login and machine for SmartPost.  Could we add more and have SmartPost running in multiple instances simultaneously?  If so, how will these sessions interact when processing routines?
We’re on version  Thx.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
You can give it a shot – I’ve seen customers do so.
However from a processing standpoint, each machine doesn’t know about the other running.
So when one executes and find a posting routine, it would run and find the list of batches to post.  And then it would begin to work on that list.
SmartPost validates each batch as it goes and then posts it (and wait until done).  So assuming both machines were not trying to post the same routine and same batches at the exact same moment I don’t see there should be any issues.
Ideally there would be a way to specify in SmartPost which routines that each should do (so you could split routines to a specific machine) but that isn’t a feature of SmartPost at the moment.

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